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Security Rules: Control Access to sections in QlikSense Management Console

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Security Rules: Control Access to sections in QlikSense Management Console

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Nov 11, 2021 9:50:44 AM

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Apr 5, 2017 9:53:18 AM

A user has been given permissions to a section of the Management Console with a new security rule (example: Apps or Streams), but when they access the console, all sections remain grayed out.

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To give a user access to the different sections in the QlikSense Management Console, seperate rules need to be added to allow access to QMC Section Resources. 

The following filters are used to grant access to the different sections. A user with access to a QMC section can open that section, but will only see objects according to the user's access rights.

QMC section resources

Resource filter Filter will target

QmcSection_App The QmcSectionApp resource
QmcSection_App.Object The QmcSectionApp.Object resource
QmcSection_App.Sheet The QmcSection_App.Sheet resource
QmcSection_App.Story The QmcSection_App.Story resource
QmcSection_Audit The QmcSectionAudit resource
QmcSection_Certificates The QmcSectionCertificate resource
QmcSection_Certificates.Export The QmcSectionCertificateExport resource
QmcSection_CompositeEvent The QmcSectionCompositeEvent resource
QmcSection_ContentLibrary The QmcSectionContentLibrary resource
QmcSection_CustomPropertyDefinition The QmcSectionCustomPropertyDefinition resource
QmcSection_DataConnection The QmcSectionDataConnection resource
QmcSection_EngineService The QmcSectionEngineService resource
QmcSection_Event The QmcSectionEvent resource


The QmcSectionExtension resource
QmcSection_License The QmcSectionLicense resource
QmcSection_ProxyService The QmcSectionProxyService resource
QmcSection_ReloadTask The QmcSectionReloadTask resource

The QmcSectionRepositoryService resource

QmcSection_SchedulerService The QmcSectionSchedulerService resource
QmcSection_SchemaEvent The QmcSectionSchemaEvent resource
QmcSection_ServerNodeConfiguration The QmcSectionServerNodeConfiguration resource
QmcSection_ServiceCluster The QmcSection_ServiceCluster resource
QmcSection_Stream The QmcSectionStream resource
QmcSection_SyncRule The QmcSectionSyncRule resource


The QmcSectionSystemRule resource
QmcSection_Tag The QmcSectionTag resource
QmcSection_Task The QmcSectionTask resource
QmcSection_Token The QmcSectionToken resource
QmcSection_User The QmcSectionUser resource
QmcSection_UserDirectory The QmcSectionUserDirectory resource
QmcSection_UserSyncTask The QmcSectionUserSyncTask resource
QmcSection_VirtualProxyConfig The QmcSectionVirtualProxyConfig resource
QmcSection_PrintingService The QmcSectionPrintingService resource

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator


If I give a user (that has no admin roles!) the "QmcSection_App" with "Read" right for "QMC only", then the user can view the App list in the QMC. This works.

BUT the Apps list in QMC, when tested, shows ALL apps, including those that should be invisible (=no rights) according to AUDIT for that user in QMC.

Feels like a bug, or is this known and intended?? Wondering if I should open a ticket.

Trying to view the actual list entry (via edit/doubleclick) gives an error.
But I think the user should not even see that those apps exist, since this it is part of "read" in my opinion.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Might have been just a weird caching issue, since the list now only shows the intended Apps,
AND the same user used to be an admin an hour before.

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @john_oll !

Thanks for updating us here. Cache sounds like a likely suspect here. Have you restarted the repository service to clear it or did you see the improvements happen after time?

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Sonja,
happened without restarting any services,
happened after applying the "show only own apps" bookmark and switching back to  all (visible) apps that it fixed itself.
If we see it again for another user, I will post an update.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

General feedback:
For some of those mentioned it is not obvious what they refer to and if they have any effect.
That is:
What is
QmcSection_CompositeEvent The QmcSectionCompositeEvent resource ?
and what is
QmcSection_SchemaEvent  The QmcSectionSchemaEvent resource   ?

My best guess would be "might be related to task triggers? but not needed, if true, as far as I can tell" .

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hey @john_oll 

Thanks again for the feedback! As for your questions there, let me go take those and ask SMEs/search our documentation some. See if I can figure it out 🙂



Digital Support
Digital Support

@john_oll Aha, found it: Available resource filters 

CompositeEvent Task triggers in the scheduler
SchemaEvent Details for when a scheduled task will run

What is the resource filter for On-demand apps service in QMC?

Digital Support
Digital Support

You can find a list of available filters here: QMC section resources.

Odag is the one you are looking for, I believe (QmcSection_OdagService).

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