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Task using Oracle as Source or Target is getting stuck.

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Task using Oracle as Source or Target is getting stuck.

A Task using Oracle Endpoint as a Source or Target is getting stuck at several occasions. Setting DEBUG or monitoring the Oracle server shows that the Client is stuck waiting for response.

Oracle provides a setting called ENABLE=BROKEN, that can enable keepalive functionality on the TCP/IP connection with the Oracle DB Server. This will allow the client to detect the dead connections.

Note that the timeout depends on the operating system's TCP/IP settings. You would usually want to set it to a lower value than default, which in many cases maybe 2hrs.



The ENABLE=BROKEN can be enabled in the TNS entry or directly in the connection string as follows:

Example 1 -- Adding the property to the TNS definition on the clien

<addressname> =
     (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(Host = <hostname>)(Port = <port>))
   (SERVICE_NAME = <service_name>)

Example 2 -- Adding the property as part of Replicate's connection string

You can provide Replicate with a full TNS entry maintained as a single line, for example:






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