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Welcome to this ongoing video series focused on our strategy, capabilities and direction for AI and ML.  During this series, we describe our unique approach to AI and ML, demonstrate existing and new capabilities for Augmented Analytics in Qlik Sense, AutoML, and Predictive Analytics, and offer a look at our future direction and what’s coming next.

In this second video, we cover Automated Insights and natural language interaction through Insight Advisor in Qlik Sense. 


Video 2 – Automated Insights through Insight Advisor in Qlik Sense

These features are currently available, and we continue to innovate and expand the breadth and depth of functionality.  Insight Advisor delivers automated insights including visualizations and natural language insights by leveraging our unique associative engine combined with AI and ML and the business logic in your app.  We will discuss Insight Advisor Search and Chat and our unique Analysis Types capability for generating advanced analytics in a few clicks. We will also demo our Natural Language Object, for deploying natural language insights directly within a sheet.  

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With automated insights and natural language analytics, we are delivering deeper and more powerful insights, as well as expanding access to data and driving efficiency.  Business decision makers get a simple yet powerful way to quickly answer questions through chat, and also benefit from deeper insight they can explore in their dashboards.  Analysts and content authors can easily create advanced analytics by choosing Analysis Types or using natural language search, reducing complexity and speeding time-to-value and efficiency.  And with our robust business logic layer, insight generation and natural language processing can be customized for your unique business requirements.  Chat, search and NLG are supported in over 11 languages. 

Stay tuned for the next video in which we will be highlighting our embedded analytics and integration capabilities for Augmented Analytics, and demonstrating our exciting new Microsoft Teams Integration capability.


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