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Welcome to the next video in our series focused on our strategy, capabilities and direction for AI and ML. During this series, we describe our unique approach to AI and ML, demonstrate existing and new capabilities for Augmented Analytics in Qlik Sense, AutoML and Predictive Analytics, and offer a look at our future direction and what’s coming next.

In this third video, we demonstrate our capabilities to embed augmented analytics features and capabilities using multiple integration endpoints available in Qlik Sense. We demonstrate a game-changing upcoming feature we showed at QlikWorld - conversational analytics within Microsoft Teams. We then cover the different types of integrations for embedding augmented capabilities, and show an example of API usage and embedded analytics in a web app.


Can't see the video? Access to YouTube Blocked or Restricted? Check out the playlist in on the Qlik Video Page.

With the newly released augmented analytics APIs, we are delivering an essential avenue for our users to leverage automated insights and natural language interaction in the environments of their choosing, as well as build business logic using data across a wide breadth of sources. Developers can leverage all of this to craft their own embedded experiences and mashups, while continuing to guide the user experience using business logic and items like example questions. All these endpoints come with developer guides and resources to assist developers with getting started.

Stay tuned for the next video in which we will be highlighting the use of Machine Learning Services in within our augmented analytics capabilities, including a demonstration of an exciting new capability for Key Driver Analysis.

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