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Qlik Introduces a New Era of Visualization! READ ALL ABOUT IT

NPrinting_CentDist_Reports_color.jpgAll products constantly evolve based on customer demand and technology Innovation and this is certainly what drives the Qlik NPrinting product team.  When the first release of Qlik NPrinting (then Vizubi) was released in 2008 you would not have recognized the product as the one you know today.  

As we await the next release - scheduled for the end of June - we thought we would share what you might expect to find this time:

  • Extension Support for Qlik NPrinting – The ability to include most third-party extensions in Qlik NPrinting reports.
  • Metadata Reload Scheduling for Qlik NPrinting - Ability to schedule metadata reloads for Qlik NPrinting ensuring that developers always see the most recently built objects when building reports
  • Various Qlik Nprinting™ API Enhancements
    • User Selection State– Enhanced APIs to capture user selections and apply these to reports in Qlik NPrinting making On-Demand Reporting for Qlik Sense possible.  (This capability already exists in QlikView as a plug-in.)
    • Management - ability to build, modify and delete users, distribution groups and filters via the API which supports the management of users based on external systems.
    • Task Execution – ability to filter and run a Qlik NPrinting report distribution to multiple users based on an external scheduler or trigger.
    • Task & Connection Monitoring - Real-time task monitoring for Qlik NPrinting Administrative functionality which allows administrators to see Qlik NPrinting activity in real time.

What’s Cooking @ Qlik

This information and Qlik‘s strategy and possible future developments are subject to change and may be changed by Qlik at any time for any reason without notice. This information is provided without a warranty of any kind.  The information contained here may not be copied, distributed, or otherwise shared with any third party.

Qlik NPrinting 17 was virtually a complete rewrite of the Qlik NPrinting product as the Vizubi team became more integrated into the Qlik family.  As the year goes on, the feature gap between Qlik NPrinting 16 and Qlik NPrinting 17 will continue to narrow.  Of course, new capabilities will surface as well. 

Just a few of the items that we are evaluating over the coming months/year are:

  • Ability to Promote/Demote a report in order to move it from development to production
  • Additional feature parity between capabilities across QlikView and Qlik Sense
  • Updated Rendering Service

The investments that we have made in Qlik NPrinting 17 over the past year position us well for the year to come and beyond. We are looking forward to this being a great year for Qlik NPrinting 17 and its users!