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The move to cloud analytics has only accelerated over the last couple of years. But sometimes, not all data can make that move. Data privacy, data sovereignty, and even on-premises legacy systems might hold some data, and some cloud initiatives, back. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Qlik Forts – a new hybrid service included brings Qlik Sense SaaS to wherever your data must reside. No longer is it an all-or-nothing choice when it comes to cloud analytics. Qlik offers the only way to benefit from the cost and performance benefits of SaaS without compromising on data locality needs. 

What is Qlik Forts? 

Qlik Forts are provided as virtual appliances that can run on-premises or on cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This new hybrid service is included in Qlik Sense SaaS and is easily deployed from the Qlik Cloud management console. The complexity of managing the Fort is handled by Qlik and like any SaaS service, Qlik ensures that Forts are always up to date with the latest updates. A service built into each Fort checks with Qlik regularly to pick up updates and apply them in the background. You simply have to manage your data center and can stay focused on what matters most – your data! 


How do Forts work? 

Forts are designed to support enterprise data governance, security, and privacy needs. Forts are hosted on a private network and apps, data within those apps, and credentials used to access data connections are never sent to Qlik-hosted services and never need to travel over the public internet. 

When registering a Fort with a Qlik Sense tenant, an administrator assigns one or more spaces to the Fort. Any content created in those spaces is created in the Fort.  When a user selects an app in a space designated to a Fort, it triggers a browser redirect on the client. Therefore, it is possible for the Fort to sit inside a customer’s private network, and users need to be on the private network to access apps located in Forts. Your data stays wherever it must reside. 


What’s the user experience? 

It’s all Qlik Sense! Regardless of where Forts are deployed, users have a single set of credentials and a single point of entry to their data and insights, whether data is in a Fort, in Qlik Cloud, or a mix of both. Qlik Forts ensures a seamless hybrid analytics experience so access to data and insights can easily scale across your organization, to users all over the world. Users of any skill level can focus exclusively on analytics and insights without managing orchestration between environments.  

Ready to learn more? Mike Tarallo walks you through how quick and easy it is to deploy a Fort and bring Qlik’s analytics services to wherever your data must reside.  


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