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Access the most important information you need much easier and faster - all in the Cloud Hub

Chart Monitoring in the hub is an exciting new capability allowing users to monitor charts and KPIs from multiple Qlik Sense apps directly in the Cloud Hub.  With this new feature, users can quickly and easily get a customized overview of their most business-critical information, helping them identify where further analysis is needed or where they should take action quickly.



With chart monitoring, you can now identify and select a visualization from an application that will be displayed in your personalized hub, so that you can always see the latest data before navigating into an application for deeper analysis.  A chart monitored in the hub will retain selections and will be refreshed with data reloads. 



If desired, a chart can be explored in greater detail by selecting it from the Hub.  Information about the chart is available including the last reload date / date added. Tags can be used to quickly find the chart within your hub.  Users have direct access to the source app and space where the chart is located.  And selections made at the time of adding the chart are visible.  Users can see the history of previous chart instances.  And most importantly, you have the option to quickly dive into the app for full associative analysis with the “View in App” button.


This is an example of making access to the most important information you need much easier and faster.  And this feature made the cut for Josh Good’s “Five Favorite Things” featured in the QlikWorld Online Product Keynote.     

Check it out for yourself


Andrew Kruger 

Product Manager