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Qlik Sense was built with the aim of delivering a best of class responsive, fluid user interface, built to be mobile-first and touch-first from ground up. With the Qlik Sense Mobile app, we deliver an experience that is seamless online and offline. Users can consume analytics and dive deep to individual data points, because we understand that today’s businesses move at the speed of thought and you can’t wait until you are “in the office” to get answers to your questions.


Over the years, as adoption has skyrocketed, large and small enterprises have struggled with questions of security and governance of their business-critical analytics, while ensuring that the user does not have to suffer a degraded experience as a result. At Qlik, we are equally committed to providing IT and governance teams with the right tools they can use to govern their mobile BI deployments, and act with confidence, when they need to. We partner with leading Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) platform vendors, such as BlackBerry®, AirWatch®, MobileIron ® and Microsoft® to give our customers a wide range of options to choose from. You can deploy Qlik Sense on a secure browser, over a VPN, as a native app, over a per-app VPN tunnel, within a containerized app environment and more. All of this works seamlessly with SSO solutions, to ensure your users get to their analytics and insights as fast as possible. Admins can set and monitor security policies and govern access, all remotely, all this with no disruption and degradation of the end user experience.


In the February 2019 release, with Qlik Sense Mobile, we have greatly expanded these tools with support for the Microsoft® Intune® platform and Microsoft® Azure® Active Directly Authentication Libraries (ADAL) to allow for seamless SSO with cloud or on-prem active directory deployments. In addition, we have also released an Android app (offline currently not supported but coming soon!) to ensure that users can get all the benefits of a native experience on Android devices too. Finally, we have also expanded support for analytics use cases with deeply integrating mashup support within the Qlik Sense Mobile app. Developers can tag mashups to be optimized when used in a mobile device. Optimized mashups are cached locally so Qlik Sense Mobile will be able to render them extremely fast, with very little network data transfer.


We have an exciting year ahead of us and expect to continue to expand the reach of analytics across every part of the organization and use case. We would love to hear more about your mobile analytics use cases and how mobile is driving adoption and innovative use cases in your organization!