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We’re continuing to release new capabilities related to the Catalog capabilities in Qlik Sense SaaS.  This month, we’re excited to announce two new features - Catalog KPIs and Qlik Lineage Connectors.

Catalog KPIs 

How many apps are using this data?  What datasets are being looked at the most?   Now everyone will be able to quickly answer questions like these.  Visual KPIs have been added to every data and app tile in your Qlik Sense SaaS collection.  One icon will indicate usage - how many apps are using a dataset.  A second icon is focused on views - how many times (over the last 28 days) has a dataset or app been viewed.  To identify viewing trends, an up or down arrow next to the usage KPI will signify whether the number of views is trending up or down.  

These KPIs will increase data trust by providing an easy way for users to distinguish which data and apps will best meet their needs.  This is just the initial release of Catalog KPIs.  Additional indicators are planned for a future release.

12-16-2021 10-15-55 AM.jpg


Lineage Connectors

In September we released Impact Analysis – a new Qlik Sense SaaS capability that enables users to easily understand the complete history of a dataset, thus increasing users’ confidence in the data.  But a full lineage picture can be difficult to understand for data that's being used by on-premise applications.  The only way to determine such complex data traceability was to manually access multiple systems and then bring all the different pieces together. 

Not anymore!  Qlik can now automatically pull together data traceability information from multiple sources with the introduction of Qlik Lineage Connectors.   This new addition to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS empowers users to uncover more lineage-related insights by accessing multiple BI tools and data sources to find and document all data traceability information.  The result is that Insight Analysis can not only show the data lineage of your Qlik Sense SaaS apps, but also the data lineage of Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-managed apps, QlikView apps, and even Tableau & PowerBI apps.  It can also show the upstream lineage of data stored in repositories like Snowflake or SQL Server. 

With a better understanding of the origin, evolution, and meaning of each dataset, people gain confidence that their data is vetted and trusted.  And that drives up data and analytics used for decision making.

All Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS customers can now install and utilize Qlik Lineage Connectors to access lineage information within Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-managed, QlikView, Qlik NPrinting, and on-premise Excel & QVD files.





To access lineage information within non-Qlik data source or applications, Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS customers will need to purchase a separate license.  This one license currently provides access to Tableau, PowerBI, Oracle, Snowflake, SQL Server, Azure SQL and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service). 


We plan on expanding Qlik Lineage Connectors to include more Qlik and non-Qlik data sources in the future.

You may be interested to know that the Qlik Lineage Connectors are based on NodeGraph technology.  It’s a great example of how quickly Qlik has been incorporating this acquisition of a few months ago into the Qlik product family. 

For more details on both Catalog KPIs and the Qlik Lineage Connectors visit our SaaS change log