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Product Innovation

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Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access now supports SAP SQL and SAP BW connectors, providing an encrypted connection to Qlik Cloud via Data Gateway. This enables Qlik Sense SaaS applications in Qlik Cloud to securely access and analyze SAP SQL and SAP BW data that resides behind your organization's firewall, without compromising your enterprises' network security.

Qlik Data Gateway provides a secure means of accessing or moving firewalled data for use in Qlik Cloud. The gateway is installed behind your organization's firewall, and then registered with Qlik Management Console. No matter if your protected data is on-premises or in a virtual private cloud, Direct Access gateway provides a secure connection to analyze data in a Qlik Cloud Analytics app.

Qlik Cloud expanding connectivity empowers our customers to centralize disparate data landscapes and simplify data-analytics operations with governed access.  With Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access, you can easily migrate analytics consumption into Qlik Cloud - no matter where the data resides!



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