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The popular Data Visualization Showcase re-launched this week. Updates include several new visualizations and tips, plus additional resources highlighting Qlik’s unique and powerful data visualization capabilities. 

New features in the Data Visualization Showcase include, but are not limited to:

  • Tooltips in charts
  • Parallel coordinates
  • Granular grid
  • Chart background image and coloring


Updated charts include:

  • Bar, Pie and Line chart font and styling updates
  • Network chart
  • Table indicators


Business intelligence and data analytics with actionable insights are essential for any organization striving to compete and win in their respective markets. ​Data visualizations make or break the interpretation of those insights.   

According to Rob van Vliet, BI Product Owner at Medux, “Before I started working at Medux, I worked a lot with Tableau, and my first impression of Qlik was that they were lagging behind in the field of visualizations. Happily, Qlik caught up massively with Qlik Sense. We quickly realized that Qlik Sense could give us what we wanted, namely a user-friendly, accessible cloud solution which you can use to make excellent data visualizations. Qlik Sense would also enable the business units, where people have little or no programing skills, to analyze their data independently.”

Read the Medux case study

Qlik Sense data visualizations will delight your data consumers and deliver better insights faster, with more responsiveness and detail than other products focused primarily on visualization. Combining Qlik’s analytics engine with our investment in foundational components, we have accelerated the pace at which we deliver world-class native visualization capabilities. And, we have released 200+ dynamic and flexible chart improvements in the past 18 months, so you can create practically any visualization that your analytics use cases require to support your innovation today and in the future. 

 You can look forward to quarterly updates to the Visualization Showcase.   

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