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Summer is the time of year when many of us take a break from work to relax and rejuvenate.  We hope all of you have had a chance to take some time off.  But summer hasn’t stopped Qlik from continuing to add enhancements to our Qlik Data Integration portfolio.    

We want to highlight some of the cool things now available in the Qlik Replicate May 2022 SR and Qlik Catalog August 2022 Client Managed Releases.  


Qlik Replicate 

The Qlik Replicate May 2022 Service Release release is one of two scheduled service releases that Qlik distributes each year.  In addition to bug fixes, we’ve made a number of improvements related to our most popular cloud-based targets:  


Qlik now supports all-purpose clusters and SQL Warehouses in Databricks 

  • As part of our close partnership with Databricks and their lake house strategy, this release provides a low-friction method to ingest data into Databricks lake house delta tables on any cloud provider in real-time.  
  • We’ve also added support for Databricks SQL Warehouse compute, which often comes at a reduced cost for enterprise customers who have Databricks, while providing equivalent performance with Databricks Photon engine. 

Continuing support of all-purpose clusters will help organizations planning to migrate to Databricks SQL Warehouse.  Organizations on a lower Databricks tier, where SQL Warehouse is not available, can continue to leverage real-time ingestion with Qlik Replicate. 

AWS PrivateLink 

  • We’ve added support for AWS PrivateLink which will help improve secure connections for larger AWS environments.  This release supports S3 endpoints and other targets will be added in later releases. 

Parquet file format supported across clouds 

  • The Parquet format is now supported for both ADLS GEN2 and Google Cloud Storage.  This builds upon our support for the Parquet format within S3 in an earlier release. 


Qlik Catalog 

In addition to bug fixes, the Qlik Catalog August 2022 release gives customers more control over how they want to configure LDAP usernames.  Qlik Catalog August 2022 also adds support for recent releases of Tomcat, Postgres & Ubuntu so customers can take advantage of new capabilities within these solutions. 


We hope you enjoy trying out the new releases and would love to hear your feedback and success stories, especially in the improvement gains.  

As always, if you would like to try out this release, go to the Qlik Downloads Site, filter for “Qlik Data Integration”, and then select the product and version you would like to download.