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Reporting continues to be at the core of the BI and analytics category for many.  Not everyone has access to a dashboard, but most workers are still responsible for daily decision-making and subsequent action. Many execs and rank and file still prefer their daily/weekly flash style reporting to manage the business or obtain their go-to daily information. 

With the introduction of the Qlik Reporting Service, Qlik puts our customers squarely on the path of a Cloud reporting experience as a complementary ingredient to our Active Intelligence vision.

What Is Qlik Reporting Service?

Qlik Reporting Services is a public API that provides the ability to compose multi-page outputs from your apps, leveraging your curated analytics in a report format.  It can be easily used from within Qlik Application Automation or can be integrated into customers’ systems directly.  Qlik Reporting Service is available to our Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS customers.   This is our first major release on our cloud reporting journey and together with Qlik Application Automation it reimagines report task management using a low code/no code report process definition.  Centralized reporting teams can now in a matter of a few inputs define burst reports to support management or operational reporting requirements and leverage their cloud eco-system to source recipients, and configure distribution channels. 


We see three areas where our customers will reap immediate benefits with Qlik Reporting Service:

  • Automate report distributions:  Time to value is an overarching benefit provided by Qlik Reporting Service.  By utilizing automation, IT centralized reporting functions, as well as many savvy team members within line of business, can quickly learn to assemble, automate and accelerate the distribution of different reports needed by a wide variety of stakeholders across the organization.
  • Connect and Deliver:  Whether through emailing to anyone (both Qlik users and non-Qlik stakeholders) or delivering through cloud storage connectors such as  Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage, there are several options to support burst reports in Qlik Cloud.
  • Extend the reach of analytics: We can now provide scheduled or triggered cadence of Qlik Sense report insights to a customer’s wider business ecosystem, including to partners, suppliers, customers, agents, etc. extending Qlik’s analytics reach and increasing the investment value of our Qlik Sense SaaS analytics platform.


Qlik Reporting Service is now available to all Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS customers and includes 100 reports per tenant per month defined as a document output of a reporting services call. 

We are excited about our latest data analytics innovation for the cloud.  We invite you to revisit, rethink and reexamine your potential for reporting in the cloud with Qlik Reporting Service. 


To learn more visit: Qlik Reporting Service video playlist and for all the latest SaaS enhancements visit our SaaS Change Log



We have created a new Reporting Service forum as we embark on our cloud reporting journey.  Please jump over and share in the discussion!  

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi @Andrew_Kruger ,

This new feature has a lot of potential.  My feedback after creating 2 reports is 

*  Font sizing needs addressing.  For tables we can change the font size on the headers and content but other elements like the title, footnotes, etc can't.  In charts like bar charts and line charts, the font size can't be changed at all.  Legends and point values cannot be size adjusted.  When I'm looking at the reports in PDF or printed out the standard fonts are absolutely tiny and unfortunately I can't release the to our users.

* Colour options.  It doesn't matter as an interactive dashboard but as a static report we want to be able to colour the headers on tables and add separate row colours for totals.  The latter is possible using the dimensionality function but it would have to be added to every single dimension and measure field in a table individually.

Other than those it works a treat.  I just need a magnifying glass to read it. 


Thanks @MLaverick  great feedback!  

Contributor III
Contributor III

Is this only cloud or on-premise as well?


Hi @BeeGees  - this is a capability on our Qlik Cloud platform.   


Hello @Andrew_Kruger.

I've been using QlikSense Reporting Services and i growing fond of it. But i'm lacking some information about it.

I have a few questions about this feature.

  • Is it possible to know how many reports i have consumed so far? If it is not, when will this information be available?
  • What happens if i generate more than the 100 "Freemium" Reports included in my licensing?
  • Where can i find information about the tiers and pricing for the QlikSense Reporting Services tool?

And about Qlik Application Automaton:

  • Is it possible to know how many "Runs" i have consumed so far? If it is not, when will this information be available?
  • What happens if i Consume more than the 5.000 "Freemium" Runs included in my licensing?

Greetings from Argentina,




Hi Icaro, 

Great question and glad to know you are loving Reporting Services. With regard to proactive monitoring of usage for Reporting Service and Application Automation, we are working on this and we hopefully will have the "In Tenant Monitoring" capability in Q3 of this year. 

In the meanwhile, if you are over the entitled limits of Reporting Service and Application Automation, you will get a report(on a monthly basis), and your Qlik Account Manager would discuss on the options and provide recommendations.

Hope this helps. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

 Members - 

 We do have a forum for Reporting Service -->

Look forward to seeing you there!