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We are happy to announce the next version of our client-managed analytics offering, Qlik Sense November 2023.  This version includes improvements primarily focused on new visualizations, formatting and functionality, a new AI-powered natural language object, and scripting improvements.

Visualizations and dashboards

New text object extension

A new flexible text object is now available via the Dashboard bundle. You can now style text with advanced settings, add measures, and also insert tables.

AI Enhanced Insights: Updated Natural Language Insights object

The Natural Language Insights object has been updated to offer better functionality, improved insights, and native support for all Qlik Cloud features.

In addition to manually configuring the context with dimensions and measures, you can now directly select a desired chart and insights will automatically reflect it, providing an easy way to add readouts and interpretations for a visualization.

The object now fully supports the Qlik Cloud UI in multiple languages, accessibility requirements, and reporting / exporting, and has been moved to the standard charts pane.

With Natural Language Insights, you can boost data literacy by helping users better understand the most important takeaways from their visualizations and analytics, driving better decisions at all levels.

Improved font handling

The handling of fonts has been improved. You now a get a preview of the font in the drop down. Open-source fonts are bundled, so that fonts are rendered the same everywhere: on screen, in printing and in image downloads.

Old dashboards will still look the same, new fonts are only engaged if the app developer is actively going in and changing. You can use your own fonts, make a custom theme and include your font.




Line object

The new line object gives users the ability to draw simple lines on sheets to add more customization and detail to sheets. The line object can be used to separate or group content within a sheet and to create bespoke dashboards. It also includes several customization capabilities, including the ability to adjust the design, width and color of the lines.








Data window functions in engine load script

Customers can now perform complex calculations on their data tables in the Qlik load script to perform aggregation on different partitions without losing the granularity of their data.

This functionality is commonly used in SQL and with many ML data preparation use cases.

Downloading as image for straight table in Visualization bundle

Essential for usability of the new Nebula-based straight table, you can now take snapshots, download as an image, download as a PDF, monitor in the hub, and subscribe.



Styling for KPIs

More styling options are now available for the KPI Object, which include Name and Value labels. Adding flexibility and customization, options include font family, color, and style (bold, underline, italicize).



Hide or show measures in a line chart based on conditions

New line chart options have been added, allowing application developers to enable toggling across different dimensions or measures within the same chart. The ability to add a simple toggle switch using the show condition expression gives developers more control, improves customization, and saves space. Users will appreciate significant time savings with the ability to toggle across the variables associated with their line chart data.

New filter pane settings

The filter pane now has a setting to opt out confirmation, which is especially nice if in grid mode and the filter pane act as a button bar.



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