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Registration for hands-on technical workshop sessions is now open.  Whether you are new to Qlik or a Qlik expert, there is a workshop for you  Below are the details of the workshops. 

To access any of the QlikWorld 2021 Breakout Sessions, you must register for the eventand to participate in the hands-on workshops offered this year, you will have to pre-register to set up your Qlik Sense Enterprise trial environment.    You can find the details here  

Find one of interest to you …. 


Introduction to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS 

If you haven't used Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, you may assume it's basically the same as Client-managed. But it is so much more - Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS is a comprehensive environment for data analytics including support for QlikView, Alerting, and many other features! This hands-on walkthrough will introduce you to the capabilities in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS available today. 
Search for code 487108 to locate the session during the QlikWorld event.  here 


Keep Your Data Moving with Qlik Replicate and Kafka 

Data must inevitably come to rest at some point, but if you are not careful it can get lost or become stale where it lands. “Modern” architectures expect data to be far more dynamic, involving data pipelines where downstream consumers of data make use of data generated upstream. Getting data that has landed in a database moving again and keeping that data fresh in downstream targets can prove to be a challenge.

Join us for this hands-on workshop where you will learn how easy it is to configure Qlik Replicate to move data from a source database into Kafka and other downstream targets and keep that data current by capturing ongoing database changes in real-time. 

In this workshop, you will follow a few simple steps to configure Qlik Replicate to move a sample data set from MySQL into PostgreSQL and Apache Kafka continuously as changes to that source data set occur behind the scenes. 

Search for code 486319 to locate the session during the QlikWorld event. 


Active Intelligence with Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS 

Qlik's vision for the future of BI is Active intelligence. Active Intelligence makes the most up-to-date information available in the most important moment: now. In this session, we will cover several approaches to provide this intelligence to users in quicker and easier ways. This hands-on session will walk you through finding insights in your data using Insight Advisor Search, Insight Advisor Chat and the configuration of business logic used by Insight Advisor. Once you have found those interesting insights, you will be guided on how you can automatically monitor your data using advanced data-driven alerting capabilities. 
Search for code 487106 to locate the session during the QlikWorld event. here 


GeoOperations - Discover Geospatial Functions in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS 

In this hands-on workshop you'll learn how to use GeoOperations in the load and the chart scripts and visualize in the map chart.  Make the most of your geo investment by connecting Qlik Sense to your existing geo servers and services.  Add custom map backgrounds and/or enhance your data model with geo data. 

Search for code 486668 to locate the session during the QlikWorld event. here 


Introduction to Set Analysis 

Set analysis is a way to define an aggregation scope different from your current selection(s). Think of it as a way to define a conditional aggregation. Normally, when you make a selection, aggregation functions, such as Sum, Max, Min, Avg, and Count aggregate over the selections that you have made: the current selections. Your selections automatically define the data set to aggregate over. By using Set Analysis, we can get our charts to show various “sets” of data, for example, predefined time periods such as “year to date”, “last year to date”, specific regions or products). You will learn how to: - Understand the basic concept of set analysis - Know the general components and syntax of set statements - Learn the options for building set expressions - Apply a variety of set expressions in data visualizations 

Search for code 487420 to locate the session during the QlikWorld event. here 


Head on over to the QlikWorld Community Forum to ask more questions about these sessions and engage with those who are leading these sessions and others!