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We’re excited to announce a new capability in QSE SaaS that allows users to better understand the origin and journey of any dataset within the catalog.   Data consumers will now have more trust in the data as they can easily understand the complete history of a dataset.  This includes which applications are using this data as well as identify any new information derived from this dataset.  Data engineers and data stewards can now easily identify the overall usage of a dataset and could use this information to troubleshoot issues such as identify potential duplications.

Users access Impact Analysis from the hub via a dataset or an application.  As this simple example shows, users will then visually see the relationship of all datasets and applications (or processors) for the selected item.  The user can then navigate through the graph, changing focus to get more details on a particular node.  Note that Impact Analysis includes any data source related to an application, not just the data sources currently being managed within the Qlik Cloud hub.



Impact Analysis is just the initial release of lineage-related capabilities that will soon become available in QSE SaaS.  You may recall that we recently announced the acquisition of NodeGraph, a fully customizable metadata management solution that comprises interactive data lineage at the field level.  This will accelerate our delivery of lineage-related capabilities in the future.

For more details on this new capability, check out this demo: