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The UK tech talent shortage continues to hold back the growth of the tech industry. Digital skills are needed to fill vacancies and help candidates grow their careers. 

Last week the BBC published an article about just how much the talent shortage in the UK is impacting the technology sector. Last year there were over two million job vacancies in the UK tech industry, with nearly 12 million workers lacking in the essential digital skills needed to fill roles.

The roles most impacted include software developers, data scientists, data analysts, enterprise architects and programme and project managers. So, while these are amazing opportunities for graduates, or those looking to change career, most of the UK workforce would be lacking in the basic skills to even apply for such roles in the first place.

To try tackle the problem many companies are offering upskilling and training, however this comes a little too late when we consider that most jobs being advertised still have some form of a digital skill requirement to begin with.

Education is one of the key ways to overcome this problem, many are upskilling by taking additional course while working or enrolling on courses after they finish their studies. Our Qlik Academic Program means students at accredited universities can do this for free. Students who are not studying tech focused degrees can start upskilling and increasing their employability by enrolling on our free program.

Busy university students with a heavy workload might find it difficult to motivate themselves to add something to the to do list. However, our training is structured around easy to follow short videos, and when you consider the fact that tech jobs can pay an average of 80% more than non tech jobs, this investment of time certainly seems worth it!

To learn more about the free Qlik Academic Program and start upskilling, follow this link: