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Former Employee
Former Employee

Does AI help or hurt us?

This was a really interesting article covering the ongoing debate about AI and how much it can either help or hurt us.  It specifically called out the need for more regulation when it comes to AI and ethics which I couldn't agree more one.

In my opinion I have not seen the benefits of AI just yet.  I believe the invention of chat bots have caused an online culture of bullying and spreading misinformation and while I love how easy it is to create art with AI, it ultimately takes away the value that true artists bring to their craft.  

Currently there are no regulations when it comes to AI and that makes it dangerous.  While I don't like the idea of enforcing more rules, I am in favor of people having the right to know what was generated by actual humans and what was generated by AI.   For now, companies can create their own guidelines as you will read in the article, salesforce has already done so and I am sure more will follow suite.

Learn more by reading the full article available