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Former Employee
Former Employee

How the Academic Program takes advantage of the changing educational landscape!

Last month the Academic Program had another opportunity to provide a workshop to one of our university partners, Penn State Great Valley.   In the past, most workshops were hosted on campus where as many as 40 students would join.  However, after the pandemic, the landscape of education changed and more students either chose to learn remote or did not have a choice.

To accommodate all of our members, we have pivoted the way we host our workshops.  Currently we offer a hybrid model so we are able to be on campus for some students and allow others to join via zoom.   Workshop information and necessary documents are shared with the class prior to joining and all students are encouraged to sign up for the program to ensure they have software and training they can go back and continue their learning with.

In attendance we have a Qlik Solution Architect on campus @ChrisReiter and @JoeHo on zoom to help field any questions.  

If you are interested in a Qlik presentation or mini workshop,  please apply to the program by visiting the website and then email us at

Penn State Virtual Workshop.jpg