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Last Friday the Qlik Academic Program ran a hybrid lecture session for Masters students at the University of Southampton for educator Fatema Zaghloul. With lots of universities still pursuing a blended model of education, I ran my section of the lecture virtually, while our Solution Architect Marius Popa attended in person to introduce the students to Qlik Sense. 

This session was run for a group Fatema’s students studying a Data Analytics and Organisational Decision Making module. The module is designed to provide students with a knowledge of how information systems and analytical tools can be used to tap into big data and enhance decision making within different organizational contexts. We had over 100 students attend in person and a further 15 online.


Marius spent just under an hour introducing the students to a couple of industry specific uses cases. Here is what lecturer Fatema Zaghloul had to say about the session:

“Inviting guest speakers offers students the opportunity to meet passionate industry experts and learn from them in various ways. During this guest lecture, students learned about a wide range of current business scenarios and Qlik use applications, such as within UK emergency services (NHS, police forces), retail sector, and the electronics industry. The session presented a broader view of the real-life data-related problems that such organisations face, and how Qlik presents a possible solution.

Marius introduced students to Qlik Sense and demonstrated how the use of Qlik supported a UK hospital in improving their operations by making staff meetings more focused, especially during times of crisis, and more evidence-based, while freeing up employee time to focus on enhancing the patient experience.

The session provided an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to apply the theoretical concepts they have learned in classes to practice and real-life scenarios. They were familiar with tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, and the ability to learn another software was very valuable.”


 In addition to this Marius received comments from students expressing their enthusiasm for the session, one came from Vishnu who said “It was great attending your guest lecture session conducted last week. What you do at Qlik sounded fascinating and it totally inspired me!”. Marius finished the session by showing the students you can use Qlik Sense to explore data sets related to hobbies and interests too, before showing them an app he'd build based on the Game of Thrones book series.

We really enjoy running these sessions for our Academic Program members. Receiving feedback such as the above, and about how the program has supported students in their study of data analytics, is part of why we run the program.  If you’re interested in learning more about our free Qlik Academic Program, you can follow this link: