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As exam season comes to an end and with graduations on the horizon, you inevitably have to think about the months and years to come, and life beyond University. If you still don't have an action plan or a job lined up, then fear not! There is lots of advice out there for you to assess your options, including this particularly useful piece from LinkedIn on The Skills Companies Need Most in 2019. If you can master one or more on the list, you'll be landing yourself your first opportunity in no time!

And the even better news? There are several of these skills that the free Qlik Academic Program can help with. Read on to find out more: 

(Note: to access some of the links below, you must be a member of the Academic Program)

Business Analysis - More and more companies are relying on Analysts to help inform their strategic decision making. The Qlik Sense Business Analyst Qualification will not only get you hands on with our industry leading analytics software, but it will also help you to showcase your newly found skills to future employers with a certificate and digital badge for your LinkedIn profile. 

Data Science - For a solid foundation in the analytical aspects of data science, take a look at our free our free data literacy courses, which includes a data analytics certification.  

Sales Leadership - Sales skills are always in demand, but having the ability to make decisions based on your sales data is the new hot topic. Our Business Analyst learning pathway is a great place for future sales leaders to start, and you can also find example sales visualisations on our demo site

Analytical Reasoning - Our Data Analytics Curriculum is packed full of content to get you up to speed on the general theories and concepts in data analytics, including specific sessions on Critical and Analytical Thinking

If you are currently a student and looking to build on any of the above skills, or an academic looking to integrate these topics into your courses, sign up to the Academic Program for free Qlik software and training resources: