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Former Employee


Sarah_Miller_0-1650904094721.jpegThis week I have the pleasure of introducing our newest Educator Ambassador for the 2022 class, Angel Monjarás!  Angel lives in Mexico where he teaches at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico.  There he has been teaching graduate students who are pursuing degrees in Business Intelligence for several years.

However, that is not where Angel got his start with Qlik.  He began teaching Qlik way back in 2010 when he oversaw Training at a Qlik Master Reseller, so it only made sense for him to choose Qlik when he started teaching the Business Intelligence Diploma 5 years ago.  Since then, he has migrated to Qlik Sense for class exercises and uses it for the students' course-long project, where every student must design a dashboard that provides answers to specific business questions about a real-life use case. He also uses Qlik Sense to illustrate visualization best practices and show students how to identify and solve data quality issues.

In his Best Practices in Visualization course, he uses the Qlik Academic Program Data Visualization course in addition to the Qlik Continuous Classroom training he received as part of his membership.  Right now, he is currently designing a Practical Data Visualization course which will also incorporate the Data Visualization course materials from the program.  In each of these courses, students are required to join the Academic Program for their own membership to software and training!  

Since these are post-graduate courses, most of the students are already employed and some of them (one or two per class) have been instrumental in bringing Qlik to their companies and becoming Qlik customers!  In addition, he is also working on adding topics inspired by The Data Literacy Project and encouraging his students to take the Data Literacy Certification exams to become certified.

Not only does Angel participate in the Qlik Academic Program for teaching but he has also participated in other Qlik initiatives in the past such as Qlik Visualize Your World and several Qlik Meetup meetings.  Thus, confirming that Angel is the perfect Educator Ambassador as he is a real Qlik enthusiast!

When asked what a shinning moment in teaching was, he explained that one of his former students who learned Qlik Sense in his course later graduated and worked for Universidad Cristobal Colón where he was influential in their decision to adopt Qlik Sense for university use.

If you can believe it, outside of teaching, Angel has a full-time job leading a Business Analytics practice at Sellcom Solutions.  He also runs a side business at Uva y Malta, a wine and beer distribution startup, and he co-host Tecnocasters, which is a show that explains technology trends for everyone's daily life at NowMedia Television!  He also enjoys collecting comic books and has a large collection. Some dating back from the 60’s and that are signed!

When asked about working with Qlik he explains Qlik is “No-nonsense Business Intelligence; it just works!" and every year Qlik's vision and execution makes it more true”.

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