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This year we welcome back Angel for his second time as an Academic Program Educator Ambassador.

Angel is a professor of Business Intelligence at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo De Mexico (ITAM), where he’s been using Qlik in his teaching for 6 years.  

While he’s always integrated Qlik software, this past year he started to integrate some of the learning exercises from the Qlik Academic Program, “Students perform various exercises and homework, including regression analysis, visualization best practices, common visualization pitfalls, and data quality. They also design a dashboard from scratch as part of a practical course-long BI project. We use some exercises taken from QCC and the Data Analytics Curriculum, since they provide good sample data.”

Angels’ passion for Qlik goes beyond his own classroom, last year he introduced a new educator from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México to Qlik. Angel conducted an introductory workshop for the students as well as showing them how to create their own tenants. This educator is now using Qlik in their teaching in Mexico’s largest university. Angel plans to share his knowledge even further this year, by conducting open workshops for any student at his university to join.

When it comes to the future of analytics in the classroom Angel says, “my new classroom goal is to help students feel comfortable speaking about data, that will most certainly involve adding some Data Literacy topics. Analytics is once again being dominated by buzzwords and false promises; we need to help students stay grounded and focus on real issues and solutions, instead of jumping on the many bandwagons headed their way.”

In addition to teaching Angel also started a new role "I now have a new job at C40 Cities as Qlik Sense Developer and Administrator and will be speaking at QlikWorld in April. My session is: "Changing our world in meaningful ways with data"

For Angel, one of the most rewarding parts of teaching Qlik has been seeing his students leave university and get jobs, when asked what his most memorable moment of the past year is Angel says "A former student of mine has been invited to teach at ITAM as well; we are now colleagues!"

If you'd like access to the resources Angel is using in his teaching,  apply to the Academic Program by visiting