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We are pleased to welcome Michael Siek Ph.D as our new Educator Ambassador for 2023!

Michael Siek works with Binus University International in Jakarta, Indonesia, leading the Information System Program as part of the Faculty of Computing and Media.

Michael is not only using Qlik in his own teaching, but he has also encouraged other faculty members to teach Qlik by conducting team teaching sessions and spreading the word about the excellent features of the software. He has delivered a business intelligence workshop for wide audiences within the Nationwide University Network in Indonesia (NUNI), a group comprising 21 top Universities.

Michael says that, for his ongoing internal research he plans to use Qlik Sense to analyse various data sets. In addition to his research, he has delivered seminars and workshops on Business Intelligence using Qlik Sense to prospective students at the Binus University. As a part of teaching analytics in the class, he conducts forum discussions in analytics and delivers relevant content to his students.

According to Michael, the Qlik Academic Program has supported in easy ways to develop data analytics and business intelligence and most of the audience and students are really amazed by the excellent features of Qlik Sense.

He feels that as students acquire knowledge and develop their skills during the data analytics course where Qlik Sense is utilized, they stand a good chance to secure internship and employment in various global companies.

Michael plans to promote Qlik to broader audiences and help support the impact of the of the Qlik Academic Program. He would like to promote the excellent features of Qlik in the development of data analytics and business intelligence in many types of applications.

As part of the Business Information Systems Program at Binus University, students need to complete their assignments and their final project using Qlik. Michael says that they have embedded many of the resources provided by the Qlik Academic Program in their Data Analytics course.

We look forward to collaborating with Michael during this year.

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