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filters in NPrinting

Hi Experts,

I m new to NPrinting. i  have to set up a chart in NPrinting from qvw.

The qvw has triggers on open & post reload to select today's date.

i have a hidden sheet which has chart for NPrinting.

While calling in NPrinting, i want to set up filter of selecting current month & date less than today.

How should i set up? Please help

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I assume your QVW has a variable that holds the month?

You can use the conditions.


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Hi Alex,

can you please explain this condition with an example.

i dont know how to use this

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Hello, if the report was executed with Job of Nprinting and you need a filter by date , you can add that filter in the qlikview model and the time of recharging add a trigger .. so when you run the report with the Job date of Nprinting already selected .