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Contributor II

Hide Columns with no data

Hi - We're trying to solve an NPrinting puzzle regarding columns we'd like to hide for future dates.

We're on QlikSenseServer 14.54.2, and NPrinting Version

The report has three repeating columns for each Pay Date of the year: 'Dollars', 'Hours' and 'FTE'. We couldn't get our desired formatting using a pivot, so we're using Variables/Expressions to populate each column. The issue is that we don't want to show the columns for future dates that have no data.

It looks like we can use macros to conditionally hide columns with no data. I just figured i'd ask the Qlik community if anyone knows a different / better way to hide columns with no data within the Template Editor...


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You have to specify what kind of a template you are using. You spoke about macro so I suppose you are creating an Excel template. In this case, you have to create an .xlsm file and use it as a custom template otherwise Qlik NPrinting will create an .xlsx template that will not store the VBA code. Then remember that macros are never executed and only copied in the generated reports. So the recipients have to run the macros by themselves or you can trigger the execution on file opening.

An alternative could be to develop a PixelPerfect template with output in PDF. PixelPerfect can also be created in Excel format but its native output is PDF. PixelPerfect supports Formatting Rules that conditionally hide/show report items like columns but it will not fill the space of a hidden column. For example, if you hide the second column you will have white space between columns 1 and 3. 

With an Excel template, you could also drag and drop the Qlik Sense table as a single table tag instead of dragging and dropping every single column. With a single table tag, you will have the same columns that you have in Qlik Sense so you can conditionally show/hide them on Qlik Sense side. 

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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