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Creator III
Creator III

NPrinting Pivot Table

Hello I need help with NPrinting pivot table. I need help with NPrinting below is how I want my pivot table to look like 


Below is what I have done so far


Below is  a preview unpivoted.



Below is a preview when pivoted. Not exactly what I want.


Any suggestions or links with help on how to fix this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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Master III
Master III

Create a filter in NPrinting and add to the table.

Either by adding only the value you need or by selecting the 'Select excluded' the value you do not want.

I this case your additional line


(ignore the name of the dimension as it is from a website)

You need to exclude the line that you do not want to show

Creator III
Creator III

Thanks for the suggestion but am not trying to exclude any data. I just want my report to look like the pivot table below but am not getting it






Hi @Pomna 

If you want to make your pivot table to look like on your screen why do you put "Position" dimension in your excel pivot table?, To be honest you dont even need pivot table as there is no Pivot dimension (columns) in your Qlik Sense object...

Your requirement isn't really clear to be honest... You may want to prepare mockup in excel of what you are trying to achieve then we may be able to help you more.


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