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Publishing the report for multiple users with section access applied

Hi All,

I need to publish the reports (through email) to around 200 users. Every user should get their own reports based on the section access defined in Qliksense.  I have checked the option (Apply user section access for reports) while creating the connection. This works well if I select 200 users as recipients. Will this also work if I keep all this 200 users in a AD group and then use this AD group in recipients list? Does section access implies even If I use AD group?


EDIT: Also, Its tedious to select 200 users in the recipient list. So If I  can't use group names, what is the best alternate way?

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Can't you just test it???

I would create NPrinting groups based on imported AD groups and used them i publish task.

I do not see a reason why it would not work with user based Section Access.

I am not sure if it would work with Group based section access!



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