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Setting up a WMS as a background map in Qlik GeoAnalytics

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Setting up a WMS as a background map in Qlik GeoAnalytics

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Aug 1, 2022 9:23:05 AM

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Apr 21, 2017 8:58:02 AM

Sense Map chart

Example adding a WMS background

1. Add in Content Security Policy (Qlik SaaS)
Origin: Directive : connect-src and img-src
2. Add Map chart
3. Add background layer WMS
crs: EPSG:3857, transparent, png, layer: Image

Note, use CRS 3857 if the base map has the Mercator projection (default).
Pick CRS 4326 if the base map has the Adaptive projection.

Link to documentation and example.


(QGA Extension map, old kept for reference)

Start by figure out the correct parameters. In this case the source is a WMS with data from the Dutch city Zaanstad.

Note, the urls below has chnaged and not working anymore, principles still applies)

  1. Easiest way to pick up the WMS source and at the same time verify that it works is through a demo page,
    for example
  2. Select CRS (coordinate system), 4326 for use together with the default adaptive basemap or 3857 with the defualt basemap. Right click on the map image and "Open image in new tab..." . Copy the image url:
  3. Remove the following parameters (these are filled in by the map) : BBOX, WIDTH, HEIGHT, VERSION, SRS.
    That produces the url to use:
  4. Fill in CRS and VERSION (in my example EPSG:3857 and 1.1.1 check the WMS url for the version).

    Pro tip, "Load via Server" is practical to use if the the WMS doesn't allow CORS.

    Pro tip 2, run Sense in the browser (http://localhost:4848/hub/my/work) and use the dev console (F12), good to spot errors from the WMS server.


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@Steven_Haught note that the GeoAnalytics and Geodata layer has more raw format than the WMS wizard of the native map.

Follow the steps above ^^ to construct the proper connection URL. A tip is to load in the native first, use F12 to find the img url and then remove the parameters (these are filled in by the map) : BBOX, WIDTH, HEIGHT, VERSION, SRS. Which in your case gives:


For the default background map use EPSG:3857 as CRS.



Creator III
Creator III


That works, thank you for the assistance! 

Creator III
Creator III


I have tried setting up the tropical cyclone tracking layer within this map:

I have this link working on normal base map:

I am very stuck on trying to get this to work on the QGA layer... could you help? 




I have used Qview for many years.. New to sense. installed version. november 2022.

I am successful at adding the satellite base map with point layer for our company Property Parcel information.

I have been unsuccessful at adding online parcel data.

I have added this info in background layer as wms and get error. check url and try again.

i am assuming i need more info in https to make this work.

Can you point me in the direction at adding this data so that when i zoom to 1000ft-2000ft they show up..


Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi @Patric_Nordstrom ,

I added the '' to the 'Content Security Policy'.

I want to add the WMS url to a 'Background layer'. 

When i'm in the WMS setup, add the url, choose version 1.3.0 and click on 'Load WMS' I get the error:

'Check your URL and version and try again'

Am i missing a setting somewhere?

I like to add a layer from this location, can you help me with creating an working URL:



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