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Chart Filter : Get rid of Qlik Sense biggest source of frustration


Chart Filter : Get rid of Qlik Sense biggest source of frustration

We all know and -I guess- love the Associative Engine. The green, the greys, the blank... etc. It's powerful and probably unique in the world of BI.

However, this feature does not cover a very simple use case : the need the filter on a chart, either by a dimension value or a measure value, the said dimensions and measures displayed or not in the chart.

That sounds simple but it's really hard to implement in Qlik. Of course, you can use if, agg or set analysis but I don't think it's user friendly or performant. It damages pretty much the idea of self-service.

So what I propose is a new section in the chart configuration : filter. Yep, you can make life very easier for every Qlik developer.

PS :  when I say "biggest source of frustration", just have a look on the forum :




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