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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Desktop License Lease

Dear all,

we deployed a QlikView Server (production - no test license) to our environment with the following settings

  • LDAP is configured to use the companies LDAP
  • Identify user by *user name*
  • Allow dynamic CAL assignment is checked

We've got 5 users working in a citrix environment with their Desktop Clients using the named user CALs leased from the server. So one of these users has to use the Desktop client quite frequently for preparing reports, which worked in the beginning w/o problems. But now this user is not able to lease a license w/o problems anymore. I had to open 3 different files from the server before I was able to aquire the license for him again. He was then able to work 2 days w/o a problem but now he isn't able to get a license again. I tried several files to open w/o success - the "personal addition" won't disappear. File access rights were not changed and are set properly. Another user who had to use Desktop Client with license leasing frequently had the same problem.

When I inspect Users → User Management → <username> one the server, I can see that the license is assigned to the user. I get two entries

1. Named CAL ... Last Used today ... Source QVS@qlik
2. License Lease ... five days ago ... Source xxx [nnnn-nnnn-nnnnnnnnnnnnnn]

In the history I can see that the Machine ID is changing every day. But as I mentioned we configured Identify user by *user name*, so that shouldn't be a problem?

Is there a way to analyse this problem or has anyone an idea?

Thanks in advance!



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I think the problems are caused from your citrix-environment which is probably clustered into multiple VM and a load-balancer distributes the users in regard to the work-load and/or any priority-rules. Therefore the users could get by each access a different machine but the Qlik CAL is associated to a certain machine (ID) and within the quarantine time of 24 hours or 7 days (it depends on your release) you couldn't lease a CAL again.

You could search here in the community for it (I know there were others with the same problem too) but I'm not sure that there was a solution unless to ensure that the users always use the same citrix-machine.

- Marcus

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Hi Marcus,

I thought that the server option "identify user by user name" should prevent this issue and the server will ignore the machine-id. But sure it still could be a problem. Do you know if there is anywhere a log-file where the lease process can be tracked - like "user John is trying to lease a license but won't get one because the machine-id doesn't match"?

I found some citrix related questions that were not helping me but I will search again.

Thanks for your help!



Hey there. Have a look at Qlik Support article QlikView Support in a Citrix Environment and see the section on Licensing. License Lease functionality only allows a Named User CAL holder to borrow a license for QV Desktop twice within a 7 day period (in most recent versions) or within a 24 hour period (in earlier versions).

Depending upon which Citrix nodethe user gets load balanced to, they may not be able to lease a license as they would be abutting against the limitation of 2 license leases. Once place to check would be in the QlikView Management Console (QMC) > System > License > QlikView Server > Client Access Licenses (CALs) tab > History tab and here you can see which users have leased licenses and which machines the licenses were leased to.

I'm aware of one solution to this issue was to split the Citrix nodes into groups of 2, so that users would only be loadbalanced between 2 nodes, thereby alleviating the license lease limitation of 2 concurrent leases. Another would be for the Citrix admin to designated users to loadbalance between specific Citrix nodes.

Principal Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support
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