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Recover lost CALS using PGO files

Hello everyone,

I have deleted some applications without removing the assigned cals first.. As a result, I have lost some cals.

I have found the following steps to recover them:

1)Stop the QlikView Server service.

2)Add PgoAsXmlAlso=1 under [Settings 7] in the Settings.ini file located in %ProgramData%\QlikTech\QlikViewServer (default location)

3)Restart the QlikView Server service

4)Navigate to Root Directory and Open the CalData.pgo.xml file to determine to which document the

CALs were assigned

5) Create a new blank QVW file named the same as document listed in CalData.pgo.xml & save it in

the Root directory

6) In Management Console, navigate to Documents > User Documents and locate QWV created in the

previous step

7) Click Document CALs tab and set Number of CALs allocated to this Document to zero and click


I did steps 1 to 3 but then I am not sure to understand... A new file : CalData.pgo.xml is supposed to have appeared in the root directory ?

Or somewhere else ?

Edit : Ok, I have found the xml files

Now problem with step 4 :

I opened the CalData.pgo.xml and then, how can I determine the document to which the CALS are assigned ? There is no informations about the documents ??

Here is what I have in the CalData.pgo.xml :

- <CalData>

<Serial />

- <LefCalInfo>










<NamedCalsAllocated />

- <PerServerCalData>

- <PerServerCalData>







<PerDocumentCalData />

<NamedCalsInUse />

<SessionCalsInUse />

<InfrequentNamedCalsInUse />

<InfrequentSessionCalsInUse />

<InfrequentNamedCalsAllocated />



Thank you for your help

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Specialist III

See this Post. You'll get the Answer:


Aviral Nag

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Champion III


Have a look at the attached file.



Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator


you find the XML file at following location


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Partner - Champion

Hi Laura,

have you sorted this now?