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Access Point User Object/Chart


I've deployed a chart in the QVS, which is viewable in Access Point. However, when users create their own charts, and would want to change the chart colours, they see this option greyed out in the chart properties.

Is there an option for me to enable so Access Point users can customise chart colours?

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Hi Chay,

you can create a new load statement and give filters for colors and add them in Custom Pie chart expressions


    R,V,B, city

    10,110,100, Hamburg

    210,220,200, Rostock

    30,230,200, München

    40,40,100, Berlin

    50,50,200, Köln

    60,60,100, Leipzig

    100,100,200', New York


for more information go the below links


Pie Chart - same color for value/field, also wh... | Qlik Community

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Hi Rama

Thank you for the reply. However, the links you included are more for developer to define chart colours using the QlikView desktop.

My initial question is more for end users who are creating charts on their own via the Access Point / Ajax client. They would not be able to create scripts, nor are familiar with advanced scripting for colours.