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Autorefresh Dashboard on big TV screen

Hello QV enthusiast. I'm having trouble auto refreshing QlikView 12 applications on the Access Point.

I've played with most of the server settings under the document settings. Nothing  seems  to auto refresh the UI. I've also tried to introduce counter/timer with no success.

Would appreciate your experts inputs.


Best regards, 

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I know that in older versions of chrome, you could schedule the UI, presented though a browswer, to refresh on an interval.  I am looking for that now, and can't find it.  However, you can find some Auto Refresh extensions that will do the trick.

IE and Firefox appear to be in the same position with the removal of the auto-refresh functionality.  

Finding an extension or Plug-in should be pretty straight forward.  However, in my experience, you can't refresh the UI in Qlik.  You have to refresh the browser that is presenting the UI.  



You may have run into a software defect on this one, see the following Article:


I am also attaching a screenshot of where you would set things too, just so you can be sure you did set that in the correct place.


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