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Contributor II
Contributor II

Conditional Visualization

Hi !

I am creating a visualization in the front part of Qlikview, and there are a lot of text objects.

Imagine this database:

Case Number / Case Type

10 / Endoso

2 1 / Solicitud

13 / Solicitud

54 /Endoso

etc / etc

In the front, the user only has to write a case number in a "search object". If and only if, that case number is related to a Case Type = 'Endoso' I want a text object that gives information of another data base related to Case Type (the relation is already made in the script) appear.


I know if you go to the design part of the text object, you have to put conditional and then write the condition:

Ive tried using this: GetCurrentField(Case Type) = 'Endoso' but it didn't work.


I would really appreciate if you can help me.

Thanks !

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Specialist II
Specialist II

In the conditional field,

If(GetSelectedCount([Case Number]) = 1,If(Count({<[Case Type]={'Endoso'}>}[Case Type]) > 0,1,0),0)

The GetSelectedCount is to verify that a [Case Number] has been selected.


Hi @Frquiroga1995, maybe with GetFieldSelections ()?

GetFieldSelections([Case Type]) = 'Endoso'



Contributor II
Contributor II

That worked perfect ! Thank you so much!