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Filter Pivot Chart

I have a pivot chart created and I need to display the same object 3 times on the same page and have the first one limited to todays date minus 2, till todays date plus 5. Then the next one show the following week and the last one show the week after that, so that each displays 7 days of a schedule. I have it all built but I don't know how to filter it down for each of the chart objects. They all use a field called wo_date, that I want to filter on. Can anyone help

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Try to post an example, even in excel to what you want....

Master II
Master II


I have created expression for each requirement.. then you can simple group all those expression..

Then you will get single expression displayed at one time and you can simply switch between expressions.

Group expression is present in expression tab itself.



Master III
Master III

Why dont you use only one object and multiple expression.