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Filter and drill down issue

Hi everybody!

Need you guidance

I have the Hierarchy table with 4 Nodes and some connected Fact table with it.

The Specificity of the task is to show every of 4 nodes with fact values in 4 separate stright tables, as it is done on the pic below.


As is:

When I "drill" the tree in such way i see all the possible values in nodes(parent and child).

For example, I have selected

step1: "Indicator3" in Node_name1

step2: "Indicator3.2" in Node_name2

step3: "Indicator3.2.1" in Node_name3

and it is ok.


But after this, when i select another value

step 4: "Indicator3.1" in Node_name2

all maded selections (particulary in Node_name1) fail, because the selected value

"Indicator3.1" in Node_name2

is incompatible  with selected child before

"Indicator3.2.1" in Node_name3

but compatible with selected parent "Indicator3" in Node_name1.


To be result: after step4 selection (all parents are remain selected and dont fail)


I have tryed some triggers, locking fields, but havn't achieved the desired result (

Are there any aproaches to keep all parent nodes selected?

The qwv. file is attached.

Look forward to you reply


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Champion III
Champion III

Did you try Set Clear State from Selections tab. ?

And in your Node3 and Node 4 straight tables, uncheck Supress Missing option from Presentation tab.