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Font QlikView Document

Hey all, 

I am trying to change Font in Object Properties: Font and apply it to all objects - Charts and all, see below.

However: all Charts still come up with the wrong Font types and wrong size as well. Can anybody help me out here?

I can't be changing all charts by hand, the changes above DO NOT aplly to 'Axes Font' and in Title, Settings Font -> both in individual Charts. 

I do not have experience with Themes, but just want to change the d e f a u l t  settings for me as User and in my Documents.

Help is much appreciated. Tnx, Ed.


Bit rusty, did QV Dev and Design courses back in 2009 but did not work intensely in QV last years. 


the Font, Font style and Size of the font to be used can be set.

The font can be set for any single object (Object Properties: Font), or all objects in a document (Apply to Objects on Document Properties: Font).

Further, the default document fonts for new objects can be set on Document Properties: Font. There are two default fonts:

  1. The first default font (List Boxes, Charts, etc) is used for most objects, including list boxes and charts.
  2. The second default font (Text Objects and Buttons) is used for buttons and text boxes, which are objects that usually need a larger font.

Finally, the default fonts for new documents can be set on User Preferences: Font.

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