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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to apply the cleared filters on straight table while moving from one sheet to another sheet

1. If we select 'Shipment' on the 'Order Details' chart, then we are showing 'Load Details' chart. This chart showing single shipment delivered with multiple loads.
If we select 'Load Id' on the 'Load Details' chart, then we need to show 'Load summary' chart in 'Sheet 2'. This chart will show single load with multiple orders. To achieve this functionality, we have applied 'Field Event Triggers' on 'Load Id' field in Document Properties in Settings tab.
1. Settings -> Document Properties -> Field Event Triggers
Load Id -> OnSelect -> Activate Sheet
-> Lock Field (Load Id) -> Claer All -> Unloack Field(Load Id)


1. when we have go back to 'Sheet1', it will show initial state of chart. because we have cleared all filters.
So how can i selected previous selected shipment number on 'Order Details' chart and at the same time we want cleared the selected Load Id on 'Load Details' or 'Load summary'?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Thank you for your reply. but i dont want use bookmarks.