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How to create a trend line with data that is updating regularly?


I'm trying to create a trend line by month of data that is updating weekly. Below is the calculation used for something to be considered in "compliance". i want to use this to show what was in compliance for each week for the past month, while the other charts update using the weekly data. see picture below for my concern, the most  current week consistently is spiking.

= Count({< WRK_STATUS = {3} >} IF(LoginDate >= Date(Today()-7 , 'MM/DD/YYYY') AND LoginDate <= Date(Today(), 'MM/DD/YYYY'), WRK_STATUS))



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May be this?

=Count({$< WRK_STATUS = {3}, Month= ,Year = {'$(=Max(Year))'}, LoginDate = {">=$(=Date(Today()-7 , 'MM/DD/YYYY')) <=$(=Date(Today(), 'MM/DD/YYYY'))"} >} WRK_STATUS)

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This didn't work, but would this "freeze" the data so it retains historical data while the rest of the file keeps reloading?