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How to select values from two columns to one output column

hi friend,

I have database table with following structure and data:
colX colY colZ
1 A B
2 A C
3 A D
4 A B
5 B A
6 B C
7 B D
8 B E
9 C B
10 C D
11 C E
12 D B
13 D A
14 E B
15 A E
16 D B
17 C B
18 C A
19 C B
20 B C
and I would want output in next form:
colX colQ
1 A
2 A
3 A
4 A
5 A
13 A
15 A
18 A
means to select all rows where colY="A" or colZ="A" and display value "A" in new column "Q"

How can I create load in script with that functionality in QlikView???

Then I want put table object with fields "colX", "colQ".

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I'd do something like the following in the load script

If(colY = 'A' OR colZ = 'A', colX) AS colXShow, // this one to be displayed in your table

Hope that helps

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sorry, I don't understand, how ...

this "IF" command I can put to script? Or put it to QlikView object (Table Box)?

Please send me more info, or more example.

but however, very thanks


This is created in the script. It will perform better than in the object

Table:LOAD colX, colY, colZ, If(colY = 'A' OR colZ = 'A', colX) AS colXShowFROM table.qvd (qvd); // Or the source you are getting the records from