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Installing SR2 on Vista/Seven

Has someone experience on installing the last sr2 (7320) on Windows Vista/Seven?

When I try to install I receive this: "Installation ended prematurerly because of an error"

I try with x86 and x64 with the same result.

I by-pass installing Qlik on XP and copy the folder on 7

Is there a solution?


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I had this issue once when I made a mistake with the domain\user name used for credentials...

Maybe that can help you ?

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Try running the installer as administrator.

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I am the Admin, and the uac is disable. I haven't a domain.

I try other software, and I haven't this issue.

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Try re-enabling UAC.

I've managed to install on Vista, but did have similar issues which I worked through. Now on W7, and it's easier.


This can happen during the install when the installer tries to stop and restart IIS. Do a Start/run and iisreset. Once this is finished try to do the install and see if it finishes. Make sure the user account you enter during the install is a member of the Administrators group.

Bill - Principal Technical Support Engineer at Qlik
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