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Random Trigger check and store the File

Hi Team,

I have one scenario to achieve please help.

I have three EDX trigger which are coming randomly and my job is triggering as per EdX trigger. Now i wanted to check if all three triggers are came and then in my script i have to concatenate three tables. These three tables are dependent upon the trigger. Means whenever i am getting the trigger corresponding table is update and same table i am pulling inside my script from the database. 

My challenge is how can i know all three triggers are came and my data concatenation will happen.

from the Trigger timestamp i can identify the which trigger is latest trigger, But at last not able to decide how all trigger is came.

from the below code i am able to identify the trigger is came and corresponding table data is loaded  using corresponding flag, But on completion of all three i have to store the concat QVD and here triggers are not sequential any trigger can come anytime.

Please help or let me know if required more explanation. 

Let A_Trigger= Filetime('............\QVW\A_Trigger.txt');

IF('$(A_Trigger)'>'$(vPrevTrigger )') Then
Let vFlagTime='True';
Let vFlagTime='False';


Let vPrevTrigger = '$(A_Trigger)'; 

Let B_Trigger= Filetime('............\QVW\B_Trigger.txt');

IF('$(B_Trigger)'>'$(vPrevTriggerB )') Then
Let vFlagTimeB='True';
Let vFlagTimeB='False';


Let vPrevTriggerB = '$(B_Trigger)'; 

Let C_Trigger= Filetime('............\QVW\C_Trigger.txt');

IF('$(C_Trigger)'>'$(vPrevTriggerC )') Then
Let vFlagTimeC='True';
Let vFlagTimeC='False';


Let vPrevTrigger C= '$(C_Trigger)'; 




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Former Employee
Former Employee

Best I have is the following:

I am guessing you want to do this in the script though, not through a separate task, if that is the case, someone else will have to chime in, as I am not sure if that is going to be possible or not.


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