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Running total in bar chart

Hi all,

I am having 8 weeks data of 4 team each team having 5 members. I need to show running total of Production % of users in bar chart with selection of Team name and Week number. 

Production % = Production units / Working Days.

When I Select week 1 it should show week 1 Production % of users.

When I select Week 2 it should show Production % of week 1 + Production % of week 2, as like for rest of weeks.

for above calculation I have written formula as like below.

sum({<[Week Num]={">=$(=(week(Yearstart(Max([Week Num]))))) <=$(=Max([Week Num]))"}>}  AGGR(sum({1}[Production Units]),Team,[Week Num]) / Aggr(sum({1}[Working Days Count]),Team,[Week Num]))
What is my problem is when I select week 1 it shows only 1 user name in bar chart and 2 user name when I select week 2.
Can anybody advise where is mistake happens. Thanks in Advance.


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Specialist III