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Contributor III
Contributor III

need help


My user wants to Display the dashbaord in plasma TV.

I have dashboard with 6tabs.

Now the User requirement is to dsiplay the dashboard with 6 tabs moving from one to other tab in  interval of 2 minutes for each tab .

I want even for the accesspoint also , can anyone please help..

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Master II
Master II

Paste this expression in a text box:

=MOD(round(frac(now()) * 24*60*60,1)+1,8)

It will count from 0 to 7 and start over again.

You can modify this expression to your needs and set it as the definition of a variable. Then use Conditionl Show on each sheet dependent on the value of the variable.

This will use a lot of processing on the accesspoint.

Contributor III
Contributor III


I have gone through the community link


in the desktop the tabs are changing automatically , but in accesspoint , the tabs are notmoving automatically, Can any one please help

@ mw: Can you please eloberte with one example to undersatnd easily.

Contributor III
Contributor III

I am not getting in the accesspoint(Dynamic Sheet) i applied this logic , but not getting in accesspoint


Dear Sailaja,

Which version of Qlikview you are using and did you try in IE Plugin?

long back i also had the same issue , it seems the issue is because of NOW() function in Access point.

but i was able to solve it by making some changes in opendoc.htm you can see the detail description from the below URL.

follow the below link to full fill your requirement.

Refresh data without user interaction on AJAX client




You can also try the Easy Refresh Chrome add-on, suggested here: Re: Dynamic Sheet (see end of post)

But I would also go for the IE plugin client, as suggested by Mohammed Ali. It even looks better