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Checkbox for editing/deleting many data-sources at once Qlik cloud SAAS

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Checkbox for editing/deleting many data-sources at once Qlik cloud SAAS

The problem is that it is really tedious to delete datafiles. When developing an ETL sometimes there are a lot of qvdfiles created. Sometimes needed and sometimes to be deleted.

Currently to delete files I have to remove them one by one.

1. Selecting a datafile,
2. clicking on the ...-Icon
3.Choose "Delete"
4. Confirm the deleting

In the Onpreem, I just selected the entire folder or enter my filter condition and erase all old files in a second. Today since it is very time-consuming it is a loose-loose situation. It cost to much time to delete old files so it is not worth the effort to clean up old files. This means for you that you must store a lot of unnecessary files that nobody even wants to keep.

A checkbox to "select all" is what I would strongly suggest. Then I could just make my filtering of data-files. Select all files that are shown an delete in a blink. My idea for workaround for now was to erase the entire space and then create a new one. That is not possible for me and I get an error message saying I cant delete the space because I must delete all content in the space first.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Yes, we need this feature. As there are a lot of files in data sources and it's really so much effort right now to delete / edit in multiple files at once.


There is another open-Collecting Feedback  idea for this feature so I will merge. Feel free to please also add your likes and comments to this post:


Status changed to: Open - New
Status changed to: Open - Collecting Feedback