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Configurable security model for Replicate

Contributor III
Contributor III

Configurable security model for Replicate

In other products we use, there is an ability to determine what functionality a given role in the tool receives.  Additionally, it is often possible to create your own roles.  I would like to see the same in Replicate.  Rather than the Replicate Product Manager trying to determine a security model that will work for all customers, define the ability to let us as the customers define our own models. 

Two simple examples include:

  1. In our organization we believe that the Designer and Operator roles should be able to set or modify the schedule a task runs on; however, today this is limited to the admin role. 
  2. The product recently changed (v6.4) and now allow for Designers to import tasks.  This behavior change violates our security and controls process and impacts our operations processes.  Note, the documentation still states this is an admin functionality but support mentioned this is a designed change so I am assume the defect is in the documentation and not the changed behavior?

Generally, I see this implemented in the UI via a simple GUI that has role as the row and various functionality as the columns.  I can check off which functionality I want to give each role.

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