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Create Compose REST APIs and Integrate via QEM

Contributor II
Contributor II

Create Compose REST APIs and Integrate via QEM

This is a two-part feature request.


1. Create a REST (preferred) API for Compose projects.

2. Integrate those APIs into Enterprise Manager.


This will help with automating Compose project esp w.r.t. changing, deployment. starting/stopping workflows etc. 

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Hi , I'm setting this to Closed - Already Available as the automation of deployment and task/workflow execution exists in Compose / QEM.   

Compose provides a CLI to automate deployment of projects.  While this is not a REST API, it does have a number of features (like for auto-generation / validation of the dw / dm and ETL tasks, environment variable management, secure password deployment etc.).      

QEM does provides REST API's for start / stopping both tasks and workflows. (


Please review and comment if you feel this doesn't support your use case or requirements, but a number of customers are leveraging these features for deployment automation and task execution. 

A whitepaper on deployment automation is available on the community also - 


Status changed to: Closed - Already Available