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Field Setting (Always one selected value) configuration not keep on migration

Contributor III
Contributor III

Field Setting (Always one selected value) configuration not keep on migration

Dear Qlik Support Team,
I am contacting you regarding a feature that we would like to implement in regards to the Field Setting configuration option (Always one selected value).
Description: Field Setting configuration is not kept when an application is migrated without data (purged) to another environment
Thi feature has been requested based on Qlik Support recommendation in regards to the following case: 00009570: QLIK SENSE FEB 2021: Field Setting configuration not keep on migration:
"When you export an app without data, the Always one selected value is not exported with the app."

Please find all details regarding our Qlik Sense environment:
Qlik Sense version: February 2021 Patch 2
Environment: All (DEV/UAT/PRD)
qliksenseserver: 14.5.7
Qlik License: 3109650483033961
Thanks in advance.

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni
One solution for this ( which I agree is a pain ) is if the property could
be tagged in the reload script. Then in the higher environments you could
re-enable the property as part of a reload.
Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

This also happens on reload if the field in question for some reason is not loaded (test data, issue in script, data exception, etc) and can break apps in production, so we usually avoid this setting.