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Make it possible to copy Data Connections to other Spaces

Contributor III
Contributor III

Make it possible to copy Data Connections to other Spaces

Sometimes, especially when creating REST connections, the process of setting them up, and testing them, takes more than a few attempts, and gets done in a personal space, so they aren't seen by others before they are ready. (Also, multiple connections can be required for one dataset.  e.g. connectors to get access tokens, and others to get data.)

After perfecting them, they can still be awkward and time-consuming to re-create, with so many headers, parameters, body details, etc.

If they could be made available to other users, and/or moved (or even just copied) into shared spaces, it would make life so much easier for developers.  It seems strange that we have to recreate them from scratch to be used in another space.

Thank you.

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Explorer II
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